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Below is a basic outline of requirements that your top three characters should have prior to applying. If you apply prior to obtaining the ranks, we will still review your application as you may obtain the ranks whilst in the guild.

1. Mesmer (needed): UW/FoW access. R7 Asuran.
Skills: Energy Surge, VoR, Keystone, Ineptitude

2. Assassin (needed): UW/FoW access. High ranks in both Vanguard and Norn are highly recommended.
Skills: Shadow Form

3. Elementalist: UW access
Skills: Ether Renewal, Obsidian Flesh

4. Necromancer: UW/FoW access.
Skills: Spiteful Spirit, Assassin's Promise, "It's Just A Flesh Wound"

5. Dervish/Warrior: UW/FoW access.
Skills: VoS/100B, Charge (Warrior)

6. Monk: UW/FoW access. R9 Sunspear.
Skills: UA, Healing Burst

7. Ranger: (replacement for Perma). UW/FoW access. High Delver rank highly recommended for tanking.
Skills: Shadow Form

8. Ritualist: UW/FoW access.
Skills: SoS

9. Paragon: Dungeon access.
Skills: Incoming

Aside from these professions, please make sure you have Scrolls of Resurrection, any personal cons you may want, as well as the necessary weapon and armor sets.
Recruitment Status
No 트ngrish We 드hina [트드] is recruiting players concentrated among high-end PvE gaming including UWSC and FoWSC. Our primary area [트드] concentrates in is UWSC and FoWSC. Please take this into consideration.
Luxon, Ventrilo, primarily Euro based, website, a part of the [sYn] alliance, experienced core. Apply today!

[트드] is an experienced, high-end guild currently recruiting dedicated members to help further our guild for a positive future. Experience is recommended however, [트드] invites those with moderate experience to apply as well. By joining [트드], you are not only joining a guild, but you are joining a gaming community that strives for excellence. You are receiving players that are experienced in high-end areas of Guild Wars.

Members from [트드] have successfully completed the following areas in respectable times in our past together:

UW T-Way: ~25-35 minute times.
UW Balanced Way: ~35-45 minute times.
FoW Mesmer Spike & Manly Way: ~10-15 minute times.
DoA Mesmer Spike/Trench Way: ~30-40 minute times.
Urgoz & The Deep: ~9-15 minute times.

Officer Contact List:
General Corleone
Jinty Fortesque
Chi Squared
Claires So Hexual
Undead Kayozsoul
R A Z O R Storms