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 Regulations Read-Me

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PostSubject: Regulations Read-Me   Thu Sep 01, 2011 5:05 pm

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to visit out forums.

If you wish to apply today or in the future, please view our guild regulations first.

  • Trolling is tolerated to an extent. Go beyond those boundaries, you will be warned.
  • Any personal attacks (ie; racial, gender, religion, sexuality, etc) are off limits.
  • Know your guild and alliance mates before you say anything controversial. If you know they don't like to be trolled, don't troll them.

  • If you are buying, selling, or trading. Keep it to one or two posts at most.
  • If you a forming a run, don't spam every 15 seconds that you are still in need of more.

  • New members will be on a slight probationary period upon acceptance into the guild. Get yourself involved, form some runs, join some runs, make new friends!
  • If any member has any issue that can be solved, please submit it directly to an officer/leader and we will handle it accordingly. If we are offline, please write us a private message on the forums. If possible, please provide screenshots.
  • Rage-quitting runs will not be taken kindly. It only frustrates the group further. Instead, have everyone agree to resign and try again.
  • We have a two-week inactivity policy unless you notify us in the forums about your absence. You're welcome to ask for an invite upon your return.
  • Ventrilo is required on guild runs.


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Regulations Read-Me
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