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 Applicant Requirements Read-Me

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PostSubject: Applicant Requirements Read-Me   Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:02 pm

Below is a basic outline of requirements that your top three characters should have prior to applying.
If you apply prior to obtaining the ranks, we will still review your application as you may obtain the ranks whilst in the guild.

1. Mesmer (needed): UW/FoW access. R7 Asuran.
Elite Skills: Energy Surge, VoR, Keystone, Ineptitude

2. Assassin (needed): UW/FoW access. High ranks in both Vanguard and Norn are highly recommended.
Skills: Shadow Form

3. Elementalist: UW access
Skills: Ether Renewal, Obsidian Flesh

4. Necromancer: UW/FoW access.
Skills: Spiteful Spirit, Assassin's Promise, "It's Just A Flesh Wound"

5. Dervish/Warrior: UW/FoW access.
Skills: VoS/100B, Charge (Warrior)

6. Monk: UW/FoW access. R9 Sunspear.
Skills: UA, Healing Burst

7. Ranger: (replacement for Perma). UW/FoW access. High Delver rank highly recommended for tanking.
Skills: Shadow Form

8. Ritualist: UW/FoW access.
Skills: SoS

9. Paragon: Dungeon access.
Skills: Incoming


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Applicant Requirements Read-Me
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